About My Peace of Mindfulness

Affordable Fashion With a Powerful Purpose

Despite stress and anxiety levels among society being on a rapid rise, mental health is something that is often overlooked. The truth is it can impact any one of us at any moment. We understand the importance of protecting our minds and overall wellbeing, and our brand was created to inspire others to protect their minds.

Our Mission

We aim to design high-quality, sustainable fashion that positively impacts the world. Our clothing is designed to inspire people to live happier, healthier lives through meditation, yoga, breathing & healthy eating. We are passionately committed to raising awareness for mental health, self-care, and climate change.

We want to contribute to building a better world for us all.

We Make Donations

Our mission is to design affordable fashion while raising awareness of mental health, as well as supporting those who suffer with mental illness. That's why a small percentage of the profits we make is always donated to a mental health charity. Together we make a difference.

Providing Resources

We believe a happy world is a better world. And, communities thrive when they have access to physical, mental, and social wellbeing tools. That's why we provide free resources, such as guided meditation and yoga tutorials, for anyone to access anytime.

Eco-Conscious Fashion

We care about our environment. We try our best to source manufacturers that use eco-friendly and recyclable materials while maintaining the highest quality products.

By purchasing our clothing, you are helping the mission to develop a more sustainable planet.

The truth is we have a long way to go until we reach our targets. With your support, we aim to provide way more planet-friendly products & solutions.